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Medically Supervised, One On One Consults Including:
  • ​Complete Health Analysis
  • Internal and External Body Composition Analysis using Bioelectrical Impedance 
  • On-going regular Practitioner consults
  • Educational Materials and Workshops
  • Customized Nutrition Plan and Recipes
  • Personalized Fitness Plan
  • Track-able Kinetic Activity Monitoring Device (KAM)
  • Exclusive Targeted Nutrition (Medical Foods)

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FirstLine Therapy 12 week Program

FirstLine Therapy: 

  • HealthyTransformation 

         Weight Loss

  • Clear Change Metabolic Detox 
  • Metabolic Syndrome Program
  • Gastrointestinal Restoration

Reversing Metabolic Syndrome

with Personalized Lifestyle Medicine

​One in 3 Americans have metabolic syndrome—a cluster of conditions that can lead to type 2 diabetes and heart disease , which can be preventable or reversible through a clinically proven lifestyle medicine program. If you have 3 of the 5 following markers, you are at risk: 
1) elevated waist circumference,
2) elevated triglycerides ,
3) reduced HDL “good” cholesterol,
4) elevated blood pressure, and
5) elevated fasting glucose .
Change Your Health with the FirstLine Therapy Metabolic Syndrome Program

​The FirstLine Therapy MetabolicSyndrome Program is a professionally supervised, personalized lifestyle modification plan. Designed by healthcare professionals, this program is proven to be remarkably successful in helping individuals like you return to a path of extended health.